Proconics are engineering contractors with a focus on Electrical, Control and Mechanical Engineering. Their tagline “Brilliance Excites Us”, inspired us to go the extra mile and think of something brilliant that would captivate visitors on their website, and represent the modern engineering firm.

Proconics already had a strong brand identity, but their existing website was dated and in need of content organisation and a fresh look. We spent plenty time on first digging into a large amount of information on the website so that it could be re-organised and delivered to visitors in a digestible way, while not neglecting the wealth of information on offer.

Once a strong information architecture was established, using relationships to establish links between services and industries, industries and past projects and vice versa,  we designed a website that used the range of brand colours to group the information links created.

Finally, we needed something to grab first-time visitors. Proconics emphasised that relationships with their clients and partners are important, but also felt that they wanted to say more about other areas such as their community engagement. We created an interactive dot network that continuously animated on the screen and adapts to the user mouse movement to represent their relationship network, with an animated typer mentioning all the areas that “Excite” Proconics.


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Bidvest Forklifts

The large and complex product line of Bidvest Forklifts demands nothing less than an organised user experience, and a refined yet minimal design.

We combined a solid and easy to maintain development with the design by iLead et al, to create an excellent solution.

FH Human Attorneys

FH Human Attorneys approached us as a small and successful law firm that needed a website to match the level of their service offering.

We identified that not only did they need a professional website, but also a new company logo and a social media presence to create a more complete brand identity. With this in mind, we designed a completely new logo, created and branded their Linkedin and Facebook social media pages, and finished it off with a responsive and professional website.


NewTechWood specialise in high-quality wooden decking. The website was designed by iLead et al, who needed a responsive HTML website built for their customer.

Built with the responsive framework Bootstrap 3, the NewTechWood website is a modern responsive website built to the highest of web standards.

NanoTech Water Solutions

Modern, pure and professional. The words to describe both Nanotech Water Solutions and their website.

The NanoTech website is a responsive design website built to showcase the comprehensive range of the company’s water solutions offering. The website design was done by iLead et al, while the development was done by Master & Mouse.

The website features everything from a media library to a blog, which is all built as one solution with WordPress, making it easy for self-content management and future website growth.

Daily Yoga Clothing

Daily Yoga Clothing approached us while creating their new yoga clothing line. They wanted their website to be like their clothing, feminine, minimalist and personal. The owner also engages with customers through her blog and Instagram, so it was not only important to feature the products, but make good opportunities for user engagement.

The design incorporates aspects of a lifestyle that is aimed for in the brand and has personal messages from the owner. Customers are not only engaged through the active blog, but encouraged to post images of themselves on Instagram wearing Daily Yoga Clothing in exchange for discounted prices on future purchases.

The end result is a beautiful, responsive website, which guides customers through the clothing line, helps them combine items into a complete outfit. All of this, while building a relationship with customers and building a brand loyalty culture.

Beach Zante

Beach Zante was one of the first website designs done under the Master & Mouse name. It is a small and elegant website which lives up to the picturesque Simon’s Town guesthouse it represents.

The focus of the Beach Zante website design was, the photos taken of the guesthouse and surrounds, clear and simplified accommodation information and a user-friendly reservation enquiry process. The activities page of the Beach Zante website features the Isotope masonry filter. The filter creates an interesting animation when filtering the activities by category.

The end result is a beautiful, responsive design website which is perfect for atracking the discerning holiday maker.

BASI Pilates

BASI Pilates is a development only project, the design of the website is done by iLead et al. This project required the development of an online registration system for BASI Pilates instructor training courses.

We offered our experience in custom application design to develop the concept and build a full registration and student management system. The website was built with Drupal CMS, allowing for easier future expansion in any direction, along with some custom built Drupal modules to achieve the customers goals.

Today, the project receives constant improvements and new features are added regularly. The perfect example of a happy client, and an excellent collaboration with iLead et al.