FH Human Attorneys

FH Human Attorneys approached us as a small and successful law firm that needed a website to match the level of their service offering.

We identified that not only did they need a professional website, but also a new company logo and a social media presence to create a more complete brand identity. With this in mind, we designed a completely new logo, created and branded their Linkedin and Facebook social media pages, and finished it off with a responsive and professional website.

Daily Yoga Clothing

Daily Yoga Clothing approached us while creating their new yoga clothing line. They wanted their website to be like their clothing, feminine, minimalist and personal. The owner also engages with customers through her blog and Instagram, so it was not only important to feature the products, but make good opportunities for user engagement.

The design incorporates aspects of a lifestyle that is aimed for in the brand and has personal messages from the owner. Customers are not only engaged through the active blog, but encouraged to post images of themselves on Instagram wearing Daily Yoga Clothing in exchange for discounted prices on future purchases.

The end result is a beautiful, responsive website, which guides customers through the clothing line, helps them combine items into a complete outfit. All of this, while building a relationship with customers and building a brand loyalty culture.